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Below is a small selection of some of the videos I have made recently. You can view a full selection of videos on my Vimeo page here.

Due to the nature of some of the films that I make, I am unable to publish them for general viewing online. 


Wedgwood Monologues: Heritage Is...

Claybody Theatre: Dirty Laundry - Characters

Stoke-on-Trent 1950s

New Vic: Stories & Snowflakes

Tusker: When Have You Won?

Bentilee Project

Royal Exchange Theatre

A film made for the New Vic Theatre Education department looking at their Tale Trail workshop project for children.

Keele University - CASIC

A filmed we were commissioned to make for Keele University focusing on their CASIC inititive.

New Vic Theatre: Borderlines

A film made to document a theatrical workshop at the New Vic Theatre.

Midland Academies Trust

A film made for Midland Academies Trust to mark William Bradford Academy joining as a member school.

BBC - A Film About Disability...

A film I made for the BBC in 2013 looking at what its like working at the corporation with a disability - both visable and non-visible. A Signed and subtitled version of this film can be found on the BBC website here.

Alesha's Street Dance Stars

A VT focusing on one of the street dance crews that I directed, filmed and edited for broadcast on CBBC's Alesha Dixon's Street Dance Stars.

Alphabet (BMW Group) Induction Video

A film I have recently filmed and edited for Alphabet (BMW Group.) The film is intended to be an induction video for new recruits to the company. 

ECO2 Film

Corporate Example Film

A film which I recently made for a corporate client focusing on the importance of their customer service.

Blue Peter: Filming With Puppets

An interesting and challenging VT to make for Blue Peter - filming with food and puppets at the same time. Scripted, filmed, directed and edited by myself.

Alesha's Street Dance Stars

A VT for Series 2 of Alesha's Street Dance Stars - where one of the judges goes to check on the progress of one of the finalists.

Young Dracula: Spider Cakes

Believe it or not, this was filmed in the Blue Peter office...and as such, the candles are all 'digital.'

Royal Television Society Awards

Alphabet (BMW Group) - Strategy

Another film made for Alphabet GB - this time focusing on their corporate strategy.

Tusker: Tuskeroke 2016

A fun music video produced for Hertfordshire based 'Tusker' - a video celebrating their comittment as an emplyer to making employees 'happy.'

Mela Guitar Quartet: Music Video

An atmospheric music video created for London the based Mela Guitar Quartet.

Tusker: What Inspires You?

A fun film made for Tusker recently asking each of their staff staff 'what inspires you?'

Potboiler Theatre: The Rhapsodies

A filmed trailer version of Potboiler Theatre's work.

Salford Academy Trust

Part of a series of films which I recently produced for Salford Academy Trust, celebrating the 3 member schools and their significant progress since joining the trust. Involved filming in both primary and secondary schools. 

Blue Peter: Appeal Launch

The launch film for Blue Peter's Children In Need Bake-a-Difference Appeal. A VT that I wrote and directed and edited.

Motion Graphics Example

A 3D 'ident' which I recently designed (working from a 2D logo) for a TV production company client.

Save The Date

The 'save the date' film that we made to invitee our friends and family to our wedding this Summer. Being a filmmaker, it seemed like the natural thing to do!

3D Graphics Example

A 3D Graphics presentational video which I designed and edited for a corporate client to visualise a service which they offer.

BBC Philharmonic

 I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to film the recording of BBC Philharmonic's new version of the iconic Mastermind theme tune: Approaching Menace. 

Royal Television Society Awards

For 3 years running, I produced and edited the opening for the Royal Television Society Awards in Manchester. Here is the intro from 2009.

Alphabet (BMW Group) - Back To The Floor

A video I made recently for Alphabet GB (BMW Group) focusing on an internal 'Back To The Floor' initiative they were undertaking.

Alesha's Street Dance Stars

A VT I filmed, directed and edited for CBBC's Alesha's Street Dance Stars: Series 2

Alesha Dixon's Street Dance Stars: Behind The Scenes VT

Spoof 'behind-the-scenes' VT that I directed, filmed and edited for the grand final of Alesha's Street Dance Stars: Series 2.

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